Workshops Overview

At Millan, we offer workshops to individuals and organizations on many of the most sophisticated data analytic methods and tools. These workshops are structured to maximize learning outcomes of those who attend. Because of our backgrounds, we offer sessions on a wide variety of quantitative and qualitative methods. One of the unique features we offer for our in-person workshops is that both of us are always present at all of our sessions. This allows one of us to present the material and the other to be available for addressing specific questions throughout the session. 

We have experience offering statistical workshops and short courses on topics like multiple regression, social network analysis, structural equation modeling, research design, and measurement development. These courses have been offered in a variety of locations in the United States, as well as Italy and Australia.


Company Specific WOrkshops

Organizations often have specific questions to answer and/or data to analyze. In these situations, we will develop and deliver a workshop tailored specifically to most fully address the organization's needs. These workshops can take a variety of forms including on-site or off-site and can be delivered in as short as a half-day session. The length and location of the workshops are determined based on the organization's specific needs. We not only provide training and education about the particular technique, or techniques, but also do so using actual data from the organization. As a result, organizations answer their most pressing analytic needs and develop a foundation to answer similar questions in the future.


Traditional workshops

We know that many organizations have interests in developing greater data analytic skills in their employees. To address these needs, we offer workshops open to individuals from any background. These workshops are offered at our work space in Chicago's West Loop neighborhood. Depending upon the topic and time of year, these workshops are typically 1-3 days in length. Our goal in these workshops is to provide attendees with a complete foundation related to the topic and numerous opportunities to apply the technique during the workshop. We also emphasize best practices related to the topic and how to interpret and present results associated with the analysis.