Data Analytics

At Millan, we offer statistical consulting services to public and private sector organizations to help them achieve optimal outcomes. Our services are grounded in the most advanced data analytic methods and are always customized for our clients. We emphasize problem identification, data collection, data analyses, interpretation, and presentation of results.


Fostering data analytic culture

Our propriety solutions ensure that your organization fully realizes the benefits of transitioning to a data analytic culture. We use our own cutting-edge assessments to identify potential barriers and opportunities in your ecosystem and also to evaluate change efforts.   

The three p’s

We specialize in helping organizations use data to understand people (customers, clients, employees), processes (training interventions, performance evaluations, employee selection), and products (market research, product design and usability). Our goal is to ensure that you are making data-driven decisions when choosing how to invest your resources.

Working with us

We are committed to using the most rigorous research and statistical methodologies (i.e., we don’t cut corners). We are also committed to giving your organization the tools that you need to be successful and self-sufficient.